Dynamic shipping API for eCommerce

Updated API Documentation.
A new version of our API documentation is now available and we recommend you go to https://api-docs.starshipit.com.

Starshipit provides a simple, but powerful shipping API for you to easily validate addresses, create labels, display rates, manage orders and more.


Developers looking to custom build solutions and integrations with Starshipit.

  • The API is a great way to access various data, features, add additional courier accounts and take advantage of Starshipit’s shipping functionalities.
  • Our API is available for any subscription plan, including your 30-day free trial.
  • Our API is built on REST and can be used to access your Starshipit account and our rebranded solutions such as New Zealand Post eShip.
  • The REST API is ideal since it’s easy to understand, provides flexibility and is based on industry standard practices.


  • Manage orders
  • Generate and print shipping labels
  • Display live shipping rates at checkout
  • Automate tracking
  • Validate addresses
  • And more....