What is a webhook?

Webhooks (callbacks) are event driven executions of code to send data from one application to another. For example, a webhook is a push notification from an email server sent to your phone.

How it works

Starshipit can send webhook requests when we receive tracking updates from your couriers for your orders. You can specify a notification endpoint URL were Starshipit will send these requests.

Use the notification endpoint URL to receive our webhook data and trigger a certain event in your own application. For example, send an order update email to your customer or update the order status in your database when ‘OutForDelivery’ tracking status is received.

The notification endpoint URL needs to be built to accept the POST request that returns HTTP 200 OK response and the URL can be set in Settings > Customer Notifications.

Webhook JSON data definitions

Name Data Type Description
order_number string The identifier of the order pulled from source eCommerce platform.
carrier_name string Name of the courier used for shipment delivery.
carrier_service string Courier product service used for shipment delivery.
shipment_date datetime The date when the label was generated for the shipment.
tracking_number string Courier tracking number.
tracking_status string Last tracking status from the courier.
last_updated_date datetime Last tracking updated date from the courier.

Tracking Statuses

  • Printed
  • Dispatched
  • InTransit
  • OutForDelivery
  • Delivered
  • PickupInStore
  • AttemptedDelivery
  • Exception
  • AwaitingCollection
  • Cancelled

Webhook POST data example


"carrier_name":"Australia Post",